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C&T Launches VitalFlow and VitalDoc version 7.1

Hong Kong, October 30, 2015 — Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (C&T Holdings or the "Group", Stock Code: SEHK 00046), the leading locally listed information technology ("IT") software and services company, today launches VitalFlow and VitalDoc version 7.1 to enhance its Enterprise Information Management ("EIM") product suite — VITOVA. These releases extend VITOVA to the area of business process management, and strengthen its leading position in enterprise document management.

VitalFlow, a new member of VITOVA product suite, is a completely new enterprise grade and multi-platform business process management solution ("BPMS"). Its user-centric design and configurable tools are optimized for enterprises to automate their business tasks and to satisfy ever-changing compliance requirements without extensive technical efforts in designing and managing their workflow processes. It is also mobile-ready for users to submit requests and obtain approvals with e-form when they are out of office. This leads to greater enterprise agility and productivity.

VitalFlow is the latest piece of the puzzle to perfect VITOVA product suite. It is fully integrated with other EIM modules, which link up mobility, imaging, e-form and document management technologies to provide all-in-one user experience and foster collaboration among stakeholders on a single platform to search, store and share information.

Today's product launch also includes the latest release of the popular VitalDoc Document Management System, which comes with breakthroughs on both back end and front end to deliver significant improvements on system performance and user experience.

On back end, VitalDoc has new and powerful search algorithm, which supports search syntax like wildcard search, fuzzy search, proximity search and boolean operators. That means users can retrieve documents easier, faster and more accurate. In addition, VitalDoc now provides keyword relevancy score for users to interpret and act on search results more easily. The new Synonym Dictionary also further improves searching experience for users to define synonym according to their business practices.

On front end, VitalDoc has revamped its landing page and named it VitalPortal. It is a secure portal unifying all enterprise information involved in document management and process management. Users are only required to authenticate once to use various VITOVA application modules and read different dashboards as well as important reports to make instantaneous decisions at a glance. It helps reduce cost, save time and increase collaboration.

"The launch of VitalFlow and VitalDoc version 7.1 not only signifies C&T continuous commitment in growing our EIM products, but also represents the competencies and capabilities of our R&D team. We are confident that our customers will be thrilled by these releases." said Mr. Ng Cheung Shing, Chairman of C&T Holdings.