recognize your document data
Document Imaging and e-Filing System
Data management for business analysis and prediction is critical for any organization to accomplish business-related tasks nowadays. Without a proper application to digitalize and streamline data, the process cannot be facilitated effectively.

VitalCapture, a comprehensive data capture solution, turns semi-structure data into business-ready information and delivers it to other third-party systems for further analysis (e.g. business intelligence).

Key Features:

  • Extract data from multi-sources: VitalCapture is capable of identifying various types of digital documents (spreadsheets, images, logos), even when the text appears unreadable. Data from Word, Excel, PDF, email and image files can be centralized for processing in one single flow.
  • Easy to operate: Easy-to-use production capture applications for centralized and departmental operations. The straightforward workflow is user-ready, from capture, automatic import and indexing to extracting useful data for analysis.
  • Out-of-box experience: VitalCapture comes with predefined “Ready to Capture” setup allowing immediate data extraction operation after installation. The extraction rules and logic necessary for data capture are embedded into VitalCapture for specific business use.
  • Compatible design: Developed with API, VitalCapture is highly compatible for integration with third-party systems to complete corporation information repositories. CRM, ERP, BI application and accounting systems can be linked with VitalCapture smoothly.
  • Scalable architecture: Virtually unlimited workstations can be installed in the same network of VitalCapture for capturing and processing. User privilege settings for individual workstations maintain data security across departments.
  • Automatic data validation: VitalCapture is designed with a feature to validate data from different sources with built-in checking rules for format compliance. Users can also create a self-defined checking mechanism for necessary data normalization.


  • Saving cost: With smart capture techniques from VitalCapture, all data arrives through multiple channels including posts and emails can be handle automatically to minimize manual data screening.
  • Business intelligence in front of you: Automatic indexing of any data format enables corporates to manage the business intelligence smoothly through implementation of VitalCapture.
  • High-volume processing in a breeze: VitalCapture supports multiple processes to handle high-volume and fast data extraction from different sources, no matter whether the data is unstructured or semi-structure data.
  • Simple steps: VitalCapture supports easy data import and export among various formats with icon-based tools for easily operating the scanning process and information gathering workflow.