While government organizations and public bodies are required to systematically collect, process and store information according to strict security and compliance standards and public expectations, it is common that each such organization has more than one siloed document repositories for different past reasons. Even though the government has advocated digitization, they have the mission to comprehensively plan their streamlined documentation mechanism and also to ensure full integration of the massive past paper documents. To cope with all these challenges, it is critical to engage a holistic document management solution with a proven track record in the public sector.

VitalCapture, VitalDoc and VitalFlow
Commercial-off-the-shelve (COTS) software trusted by many Hong Kong and Macau government organizations, VITOVA provides a full suite for smoothly planning and implementing their integrated document management system within a short timespan. With VitlalCapture, VitalDoc and VitalFlow adopted in practical operations, structured data are collected accurately and timely, and document filing and search are facilitated with great efficiency. Government bureaux and departments are empowered to visualize and streamline documentation process and monitor all the task actions in real time, thus fulfilling compliance with the service-level agreement (SLA) and improving their public image.

Accelerating Processing of Public Service Applications
With VitalCapture’s web interface and mobile capturing function, frontline officials can easily automate scanning, indexing and filing of different public service-related forms and documents to the secure VitalDoc repository with pre-defined folder structure, enabling instant retrieval and processing by authorized officials. Amid high volume of daily public service requests, handling procedures are systematically streamlined for substantial efficiency gain.
Replacing Data Entry with Full-range Service Form Capture
Key information on various account opening forms, service request forms, personal identity proofs, address proofs, income statements and various other public service application documents can be automatically extracted by VitalCapture with accurate optical character recognition (OCR) and data validation according to pre-defined rules and matrixes for processing different file types. It greatly reduces manual entry work and prevents human errors.
Automating Complex Governmental Workflows
VitalFlow allows officials to design and configure approval and other workflows by simple drag-and-drop and provides web-service APIs for easy integration with other internal and external systems. It automates Government organizations’ complex internal review and approval tasks to action-taker roles based on pre-defined criteria and provides email alerts and SMS notifications, enabling proper handling of large numbers of applications and cases with systematic routing and tracking.
Protecting Applicants’ Data with Secure Document Repository
VitalDoc empowers compliance-driven documentation with enterprise-grade system security, providing user access control from folder to file level with AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest. It enables officials of specified roles to retrieve documents by index, content, keyword and more through smart searching tools and provides a secure document viewer for extra confidentiality. Add-ins are also available for Government organizations to integrate their Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook operations with assurance.
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