boost your document management efficiency
Document Management Solution (DMS)
For daily business operation, it is inevitable to deal with multiple documents from different departments, suppliers, partners and customers. Traditional filing involves manual filing in separated repositories, which leads to deteriorated documents or loss of important information. Security and access control is another concern to the management level in companies.

VitalDoc is a web-based document management solution. It is a secured and highly scalable system that captures all your company information into a single repository for easy management and knowledge sharing across an enterprise.

The latest VitalDoc features innovative breakthrough with a more robust system architecture and a better functionality.

  • Personalized directory structure
  • 2-tier design for Database Server and Application Server
  • CD Archive Module
  • Document Collaborator
  • DjVu support
  • Automatic Chinese Conversion
  • Batch server OCR

Key Features:

  • Web-based solution to manage all types of documents and corporate content
  • Powerful search functions (multi-lingual / index search / full text search with hit-to-hit highlight function)
  • Comprehensive document check-in methods
  • Access control, version control and audit trail
  • Unified document viewer converting over 200 files types of documents into HTML format
  • Flexible document composition and distribution
  • Highly customizable with other systems and databases
  • Reference archiving
  • Secured document layer to provide document cataloging, compression and encryption
  • Free-form recognition with multi-lingual OCR support
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365 for flexible filing anytime, anywhere
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for quick and easy email filing
  • Integration with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive for convenient collaboration
  • Direct activation of Webscan for quick and easy document scanning on the browser


  • Comply with international document control standard
  • More timely and relevant information
  • Speed up business decision cycles
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase cost effectiveness
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Highly compatible with current systems
  • Enhance security