visualize and optimize your business process
Business Process Management (BPM)
In the competitive marketplace, many businesses across industries are still relying on guideline documents to enforce various recurring or similar, external or internal workflows that actually can be automated for much better productivity and performance. Happening in banks, clinics, restaurants, property mgmt. companies, NGOs and many others, the common case is their siloed e-documentation runs with limited collaboration capabilities and, fundamentally, without workflow functionality.

VitalFlow is a business process management (BPM) solution designed for organizations, even without IT manpower, to automate procedures from minimalist workflow creation to thorough customization. For frontline operations (saving/ security account opening, loan/ mortgage request, membership registration, complaint handling, survey collection, etc.) or internal administration (leave application, expense reimbursement, purchase request, activity registration, etc.), this COTS product helps you transform every one of them into an e-flow that can be easily accessed, updated, scheduled and traced with uncompromised configurability.

Dynamic Workflow Engine

Easily visualize your various business and administrative workflows via drag-&-drop setup and by-node customization for huge efficiency gain in operations:
  • Multiple levels of approval with logic based on business decision-making needs
  • Conditional routing with organization structure to direct user, supervisor, specific group, position, etc.
  • Automated event handling for Started, In Progress, Finished, Approved, Rejected, Failed, etc.
  • Trigger notifications and actions with templates: email, app notification, SMS, 3rd-party API call, etc.
  • Comprehensive status tracking and version control of every workflow by every user with detailed logs of versions and changes
  • Schedule specific workflows at pre-defined frequencies, e.g. one-time, daily, weekly and monthly

Interactive Form Designer

Swiftly build responsive forms in meticulous detail with drag-&-drop easiness and wrap them with a streamlined workflow for automated interaction with your customers and other involved parties:
  • Bind dropdown, checkbox, radio button and other form fields to REST APIs
  • Support POST and key/ value pairing results with API parameters
  • Comprehensive theme and style settings: margin, padding, color, font, error location, etc.
  • Real-time design panel for instant result preview

Advanced Access Management

Safeguard data security throughout the workflow processing and allow management and IT administration staff to effectively manage access rights with multi-layer control measures:
  • AES 256-bit data encryption
  • Multiple login passwords and 2-factor authentication
  • Support private and public digital certificates
  • Advanced protection with no-cache, no-store and no-transform functions
  • Comprehensive access right settings by user group, team, branch, device type, etc.

Adaptive Design

This powerful workflow visualizing tool can be perfectly integrated with VitalDoc for workflow-driven documentation navigating complex communication and approval structure, while also enabling flexible integration with your existing systems and tools to realize the very productivity mechanism that serves your operational needs and working norm:

  • User-driven interface: Responsive UI with customizable function blocks, dashboards, charts, summaries and IM/ BI widgets for both web portal and mobile app
  • Open integration: VitalFlow is an open system that enables RESTful API integration with 3rd-party systems and tools, from ERP, CRM and GIS to email, SMS, IoT, AI, NLP and many others that can solve your specific business needs
  • Advanced application: From tackling attendance fraud to engaging seniors or staff with disability, fulfill your advanced requirements with chatbot interaction powered by natural language processing (NLP), facial recognition and other biometric authentications and more


  • Visualize and optimize your business processes with minimal IT manpower and resources
  • Monitor processes with real-time data and enable timely response
  • Minimize manual workload and enhance workforce agility and collaboration
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Enhance practice and compliance with traceability of all workflows
  • Systematically collect data for structured reporting, analysis and decision making
  • Gain insights into inefficiencies and bottlenecks of business operations
  • Go digital alongside sustainability with minimized paper consumption and maximized data visibility